Saturday, 11 July 2009

The Fuck….he’s not dead?

HELLO! I know I know, it’s been a month, sorry but between life, work, and projects I’ve had no time :-(

Check this out though, might keep you happy for a while :-D

It’s baaaack…


Tuesday, 9 June 2009

E3 : Ergh Ergh… Ergh?

6a00d83452033569e200e54f4d4a3b8834-800wi So E3s been and gone for another year, and what is there to make of it? Not a whole lot in truth. Nintendo announced nothing interesting, just more health products. Microsoft showed off that EyeToy of theirs which will only spark my true interest when some substantial games come out for it, they also bragged about the next Metal Gear Solid coming to 360 but seriously, dose anyone except core-fans care anymore? I mean the series went shit after game 1! What’s his face, he creator is given far too much credit for what are mediocre at best games with no originality. As for Sony they showed off what would happen if a Wiimote had sex with an EyeToy resulting in some funny hypocrisy from fan boys who up until now wouldn’t shut up about the Wii being a fad but suddenly now are going on about how the Sony “Wand” is much better than the Wiimote.

On the games front nothing truly caught my eye. Square Enix are bringing us FFXIV…which is FFXI but more next generation…boring. EA still rule the gaming world, and…ergh…you know what? It just sucked. I dunno why I thought it’d be good, E3 has been dying for years now, I’m going back to being excited about real game shows like the GDC!

Got some game reviews to type up soon, until then ta ta! <3

Ps. Oh and Sony announced the PSP Go…seriously guys, let the PSP go, the system was a bust, Nintendo owns that market cut your losses and stop making fools of your selves :-(

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The Secret of Monkey Island : Special Edition


It has been a long time since I’ve played a classic game, one that ticks all the boxes of being fun, funny, tricky, long lasting, and when you’ve finished it you kinda wish it wasn’t over. The last game to truly stir up a reaction like that from me was the Jak and Daxter series. After watching the big announcements from E3’s press conferences I must admit I think I’ve got a while to wait before another game pops up that I will add to the magical list of classic titles in my heart but until then Lucas Arts has finally won a little respect back off me after way too many Star Wars games by re-making Monkey Island 1! It’ll be out on 360 soon but isn’t simply a port, it’s a total upgrade with new graphics (although if you like the old 8bit ones, just press the B button), voices (from the guy who voices Guybrush all along and many of the other cast have returned) and a new simple interface which allows for more beauty on screen. This was probably the second Adventure Game I ever played (Sam and Max Hit The Road being the first) and being young at the time and as dyslexic as I am sexy the game didn’t really have a profound effect on me with it’s lack of audio. I went back a few years later with the ability to keep up with the on screen text and found it to be hilariously funny, incredibly quirky, and all in all just down right weird and I bloody loved it.

In a day and age where most of my fellow gamers can’t remember anything pre-Halo and adventure games only being kept alive by a hand full of companies it’s nice to see one of the original titles coming back and let’s hope this pushes a remake of Monkey Island 2 :-D

Here are some examples of the before and after:





And if that wasn’t enough to get you squeeling how about this:

The Beatles Rock Band

beatles-rock-band This is the time of year where all core-gamers (pisses me off that these days we are defined as ‘core-gamers’ because things like the wii have caused any idiot to acquire the title of ‘gamer’ ergh) spend a few days glued to their computers but not for gaming, no, to watch sites like Kotaku and GameSpot for the latest from E3!

Due to the volume of stuff coming out of E3 this year (and my 3 days off from work) with luck I should have a lot to update with, but if your not interested in games, you might wanna give the blog a skip for a few days :-)

Anyway, lets start off with the first game shown at Microsoft's press conference. Now I’ve been playing Rock Band a lot after picking it up the other day and feel it’s far superior to Guitar Hero in numerous ways, but one thing both Guitar Hero and Rock Band do badly is band based releases (Eg. Rock Band AC/DC and Guitar Hero Aerosmith), these normally cost way too much considering they are basically no more than expansion packs which come with less songs than the basic games, and are setup to only appeal to one type of person, I made the mistake of picking up the Aerosmith Guitar Hero to find less than half the tracks of a normal GH game, a lot less stuff to unlock and buy, and all the tracks were at best boring, at worst even your great grandfather wouldn't know them cause they flopped. There is a horrible lack of variety in these games and thus I’d advise anyone to steer clear of them. That being said though they did announce the new Rock Band with the intro video, and no matter how much I watch it, I still love it, so give it a look:

E3 2009 Press Conference : Nintendo

E3 2009 Press Conference : Sony